Decorative Concrete Surfaces

Decorative concrete surfaces are a mix of traditional concrete contracting and art

With stains, stamps, dyes, colored pigments, white cement, textured patterns, ornate sawcuts, epoxy overlay and more, decorative concrete surfaces are becoming increasingly attractive to home and facility owners, replacing other decorative floor coverings and outer surfaces.

Decorative Concrete Surfaces

Concrete floors provide an alternative to moisture-sensitive flooring materials. Using concrete as the exposed finish offers several benefits. Concrete floors do not harm interior air quality as some other finishes might. Concrete floors contain no volatile compounds (VOCs) to pollute the air. Nor do these finishes contribute to microbial growth or staining inside the home. Another environmental benefit of growing importance is the sustainability of concrete in all applications. Owing largely to its durability and the ability to be recycled, decorative concrete is a sustainable material for interior floors.

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For both interior and exterior applications, varying looks are achieved by employing one or more of these techniques. Metrolinx Construction approaches each and every project with a designer’s eye and work with our clients to determine the best concrete finishing and resurfacing for each individual project.