BAUX Accoustic Panels by Form Us With Love

Accoustic Panels made from Wood-Wool Cement

baux wood-wool cement accoustic panelThe Baux Acoustic Panels, designed by Form Us With Love, are composed of a recyclable, environmentally friendly combination of wood wool, cement and water. The material not only has acoustic properties, it balances the humidity in a space by absorbing and emitting moisture to the ambient air.

These accoustic panels also store heat from the ambient air and when the air temperature falls it is released. Plus the recyclable material has a high pH value which makes it resistant to mold and rot. All of these benefits can contribute to lower energy costs, reduced environmental impact and a stable and comfortable climate indoors.
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The company has made it easy to create an original design by taking conventional architectural products and making them more visually appealing. The tile panels are available in six shapes and two sizes. The accoustic panels can be backed with magnetic pads to attach them to a metal base surface, so they can be rearranged and replaced.