Decorative Concrete Facelift

decorative concrete facelift

A Decorative Concrete Facelift Can Add Value to your Home or Commercial Property

Concrete can be beautiful – even a work of art – and the effect of a decorative concrete facelift can add value and enjoyment to your home or commercial property for years to come. There is no need to break it up and replace existing slabs if they are structurally sound which makes a concrete facelift a very green idea!

Concrete is a versatile and relatively inexpensive material that has a vast range of potential uses around your home. Concrete is used to construct sidewalks and walkways, driveways and garage floors, patios and pool decks, for your home’s foundation and basement floor to less thought about uses such as walls and concrete counter tops.

Concrete is everywhere because it is both pliable and durable. And because concrete is used everywhere, it tends to be taken for granted. Generally, concrete will remain structurally durable for decades even though it can crack and discolor with age. Its plain grey appearance can be very boring and even ugly as it ages.

When a concrete walkway, patio or steps have structurally deteriorated, the only remedy is removal and replacement. However, when the concrete is still structurally sound, a stamped concrete overlay will transform the area and bring life to your hard-scape. With various patterns, colors, and textures, it’s easy to find something that matches your design style, fitting into the colors and style of your existing landscape.

A stamped concrete overlay is a specifically designed and fortified mixture that when professionally installed, becomes an integral part of the existing concrete structure. We use the appropriate methods of cleaning and preparing the existing concrete, and bonding agents to insure proper adhesion between the existing concrete and the new concrete overlay. Once the overlay has cured, a sealer is applied over the entire area.

You Don’t Need To Rip That Old Concrete Out!

Designer concrete techniques can give new life to your patio, pool deck, walk ways, driveway, garage floor, interior floors and more. So, the next time your walking on that plain old concrete surface, and you are thinking about replacing it with something new, think about a concrete overlay instead. With an overlay, there is no mess from removing the existing concrete.

Metrolinx Construction would be happy to give you a free quote and a recommendation for the best solution for your project. A decorative concrete facelift can become a work of art that will beautify any home or commercial property and it will amaze you for years to come.