Garage Coating Installation

Preparing for a Garage Coating Installation

Metrolinx Construction often encounters homeowners who want to have a garage coating installation, but don’t know what is or should be involved before we arrive to begin the garage coating installation process.
garage coating installation

Determine where to put the contents of the garage

  • Throw away useless items
  • Donate useful items to charities or non-profit organizations
  • Sell unwanted items in a yard sale or community sale
  • Move to the back porch or basement
  • Place items in rental storage (PODS, U-Haul, storage locker)
  • Place items in driveway under the big blue tarps sold at hardware stores

NOTE: Ensure that if you move a refrigerator or freezer outside, that the appliance is locked or secured so that no children or animals can gain access.

Drains and Floor Cover Plates

If you have drains in the garage floor, ensure the caps are still serviceable. If cracked or rusted through, purchase new replacement caps at a hardware store or construction supply.

If there are any cover plates and you would like them coated with epoxy, ensure the plates are clean and rust free. Large plates can often be sand or bead blasted at a local powder coating shop.

PVC caps can be stained or scratched. We can prepare the drain caps and coat them so that the drains are extremely hard to see, but still fully functional.

Update or Replace Garage Door Seals

If your garage has door seals attached to the floor, ensure they are still serviceable and the correct look for your soon to be enhanced garage floor. We can work around these seal strips. Seals can be added over the coatings, if desired after the coatings are complete.

Remove any Movable Fixtures

It is always best to ensure that the coatings cover as much of the floor as possible. That often requires removal of:

  • Deep Sinks: These often have removable legs and can be quickly unhooked from the plumbing at the quick connects.
  • Storage cabinets: If it’s not built into the wall, get it out. When the time comes to throw out the cabinet, you don’t want an unsightly bare spot on the floor.

Make sure NO Yard or Home Maintenance occurs during the Garage Coating Installation

The following activities must not occur during the days of the garage coating installation anywhere within 75 feet of the garage doors:

  • Mowing the grass
  • Application of mulch
  • Use of leaf blowers
  • Trimming or pruning of trees and bushes
  • Sanding or painting
  • Driveway application or sealing
  • Pressure spraying or cleaning of siding, brick or stone

Remove or wrap any electronics that cannot be removed. If any electronics or sensitive items must remain in the garage, they should be wrapped in plastic to ensure they are protected from dust or chips. Turn off HVAC units located in the garage. It ensures no dust or odors are pulled into the system and the home.

What you don’t need to do!

You don’t need to:

  • Clean or scrub the floor – just clean any debris off the floor will be sufficient
  • Fill the cracks or joints – most repair materials available to homeowners will not allow proper bonding of the coating or hold up to the surface grinding employed to prepare the concrete
  • Sand off paint – the grinding process will remove any floor paints or epoxy paint kits
  • Remove sealers – the grinding process will remove any sealers or waxes
  • Remove wall mounted items – if you aren’t bothered by minor dust or decorative chips, unless the items are within 36” of the floor (these may impede our grinders or crew in preparing the concrete along the wall)

If you have any questions about the garage coating installation, be sure to give us a call at 720-819-5702.