How to Diagnose Concrete Problems

Diagnosing Concrete Problems

While it is easy to determine the properties of the hardened concrete that will be suitable for the intended purpose, great care is required throughout the entire construction process to ensure that the hardened concrete actually has the desired properties. When a blemish appears on the surface of a concrete slab it will likely be one of these: blisters, cracking, crazing, curling, delamination, discoloration, dusting, efflorescence, low spots, popouts, scaling, or spalling. These deficiencies, caused by specific factors that are explained in the following paragraphs, can be minimized or prevented by adhering to proper construction methods.

There are many variables with concrete – and sometimes they’re beyond the control of the even the most experienced professional. So how do you diagnose concrete problems?

Find some of the most common conditions and concrete repair solutions, for both aesthetic and structural concrete below:

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